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I'm a believer of magic and strong supporter of day dreaming. I don't come from a "priveledged" family and I have all the odds stacked against me it seems like in every task in my life. By America standard I'm considered poverty level the lowest of social classes, but because i think the rat race of chasing dollars is a ridiculous ritual I am taking a stand on the almighty source of corruption and evil and making way for a higher way of thinking and a society in which everyone uses their natural given talents and intellectual abilities to make it in life without money because after all money is an object to achieve another object so I say that's an extra hurdle to the ultimate goal. Why not just work at achieving the goal itself? Is it possible? Can it be done without money? Oh yes my friends I believe it can and for free I will share with you my knowledge, my art, my ideas my dreams and in turn you share yours and since 2 heads are better than one, image the possibilities if an entire world could freely share a service for a service because lets face it that's what it all comes down to anyways, and imagine the possibilities I think John Lenon said it best. Can you Imagine the possibilities.

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