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I want to share a language I created. But I only have a sound file of it? Can I share a link?

Just wondering about something. I'm new to this community. Am I okay to create a question in which I link a sound file? In the sound file I speak my language. And I have a question about it. Thanks! ...
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Are questions about constructed scripts for natural languages on-topic?

I want to ask a question about the Deseret Alphabet, a constructed script created in the mid-1800's by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a proposed replacement for the Roman script in ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Thinking of a new question format

I am pondering about a new type of questions that does not ask about facts for existing conlangs but provides kind of a challenge and allows for answers presenting a new ad hoc conlang. The question ...
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Are questions like "Does my phonology look naturalistic" allowed here? If not, why not?

Are questions* like "Does my phonology look naturalistic", "How can I improve my phonology (to make it look more naturalistic)" and "How can I evolve my phonology" ...
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Some people have a highly specific definition for conlang. Are other conlang-like things on topic?

There are long boring discussions about non-natural language taxonomies. Many of these imply that a conlang is a natural-looking (not an engineered language), artistic (not for community use, let ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Do we want list-of-languages questions?

Identifying languages with some specified language feature is a frequent activity, both for natural languages and conlangs. WALS and CALS are popular resources for seeing how common various options ...
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Should questions saying "how do you say [thing] in [conlang]" allowed?

I believe that in Area 51, it was discussed that questions in the format above would not be accepted. Are we still doing that?
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2 answers

Is Esperanto on-topic here?

Esperanto is a language constructed by Mr Zamenhof in the 19th century, and actually spoken by around two million people. It also has its own Stack Exchange site already. Should questions about ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Are questions asked in conlangs accepted on this site?

We anticipate conlang specialists on this site, and, most naturally, some of them are familiar with popular conlangs to an extent that they can express fluently and discuss various matters using that ...
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